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Here are a list of frequently asked questions.  If you have any other questions do call us on  07850 825291 or email us at

Is Anglia Aviation licensed by the CAA?

Yes, although technically there isn’t a “licence” as such, our Owner and Pilot gained the required CAA authority known as Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) in August 2018.

Is Anglia Aviation Insured?

Yes Anglia Aviation carries the industry standard insurance required to a cover level of £5M.

How high can your drones UAV’s fly?

Our Phantom 4 Pro can fly at an altitude of up to about 6000 metres but UK CAA regulations limit all drone flights to 120 metres about 400 feet (without specific and special permissions) as manned aircraft operate at a minimum of 500 feet (except at take off and landing).

How long can you fly?

Our Phantom 4 Pro has a flight time of up to 28 minutes per battery, depending on speed, altitude, manoeuvres, activity etc, but we carry a number of spare batteries so can obtain several hours flight time if necessary.

What conditions can you fly in?

The weather is a major factor that governs our operations, we can’t fly in strong winds and/or rain, snow etc. So during periods of poor weather we will offer alternative booking dates to ensure the job is completed asap.

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