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Like many businesses this started as an interest and a hobby that quickly grew to become a passion then a business. Simply put as friends and colleagues saw the results from my ‘droning’ I was being asked if I could take various pictures, i.e. of a roof or a Solar Panel.

Having been in a heavily regulated industry, I have been a Mortgage Adviser for 20 years, I quickly realised that while anyone could throw a drone in the air and take some pictures, this is a business that has rules that need to be followed for everyone’s safety.

Commercial drone pilots are required by law to attain a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). I did my research and came across 3ic, a CAA UK National Qualified Entity for remote pilot competency accredited trainer and fortunately they offer both online and classroom-based training. I completed their training and gained the CAA PfCO in August.

Based in South Cambridgeshire, I provide professional aerial filming and photography service for all your needs. In addition to full CAA approved commercial drone licence I hold full liability insurance to cover a full range of operations.

I can provide unedited (RAW) footage direct from the camera at full 4K video or a full editing service, that is your choice depending upon your own skillset and budget.

Drones enable us to get the shot that couldn’t be gained any other way. The optimum place for the camera is often just where you can’t get too. The drones we use are highly manoeuvrable and programmable, enabling us to track a moving subject and have obstacle avoidance systems keeping everything safe.


I will always work with my clients to try to get the shots they require and can provide a live feed from the drone that can be viewed from the ground.


An important element of the CAA permissions is the ‘Operator’s Manual’, this states the working format and rules and regulations that govern our procedures. The manual ensures that we operate to a defined system including: – obtaining written permission from the landowners and completing full risk assessment documents before take-off. This document allows pilots that have proven their piloting competence and knowledge of air law to operate in UK airspace under a specified set of rules.!

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